The culture of beauty and its ancient secrets

We love the Earth because nature has always known and protected us

Hence our mission: to create 100% natural products from organic crops, totally free from synthetic products. The cosmetics proposed by Vicus Tuscus are also suitable for those who su er from allergies or intolerances because Vicus Tuscus cosmetics are formulated exclusively using fresh extracts from both wild and cultivated plants and flowers (in the latter case, only using organic, biodynamic and nutraceutical methods). These are accompanied by precious raw materials, again from the local area, following the Km0 philosophy. The precious active ingredients present in the natural essences picked in the fields or cultivated with our bioactive methods are much greater if the oficinal plants are used fresh. Here it is the seasons, rain and sun that dictate the times and the quantities of creams that we can o er to our customers. The number and availability of our products is therefore limited and linked to the growing seasons of flowers, herbs and plants whose properties have been revealed to us through the ancient customs of our Tuscan land. We used present-day laboratory techniques to analyse many of the Etruscan formulations that have been handed down to us, such as moringa cream (unguent found still sealed in a make-up tin with perfumes and other grooming accessories in the tomb of Thana Plecunia, an aristocratic lady from Chiusi in the 2nd century B.C.) made from the Moringa oleifera tree. This cream is still considered an excellent anti-wrinkle treatment, just like many other donkey milk-based preparations that have been found. And indeed the analyses have demonstrated that it is much richer in lactose than cow milk and has great moisturizing and soothing powers thanks to its very high concentration of ceramides (fatty acids), still one of the main components used in antiageing creams today.

... Nature is our only teacher and law
Precious essences for the most refined cosmetics