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Only what Nature gives us Vicus Tuscus

Vicus Tuscus proposes 100% certi ed organic cosmetics. The single ingredients are ORGANIC, free from silicones, petroleum and parabens, and not tested on animals. Our cosmetics are made with products cultivated and harvested in the Tuscan hills, pursuing a km0 philosophy. Our formulations present a large amount of highly effective plant derivatives (with antioxidant, soothing and cell reconstruction boosting properties), an excellent freshness/ tolerability ratio and the guarantee of a short production chain as all our ingredients are cultivated and harvested in the Tuscan hills. Since our formulas contain natural preservatives only and therefore do not last as long as synthetic ones, all of our products indicate the PAO (period a er opening) expiry date with a small calendar to tick off the date when it was opened. Here is a list of some ingredients included in our preparations: Crocus sativus, Calendula oficinalis, rosemary, pomegranate, hypericum, white grape, olive oil, lavender, fennel, myrtle, laurel, helichrysum, wild rose and musk rose, lily, flaxseed, melissa, aloe and many more, associated with extra virgin olive oil, Cannabis sativa oil, sesame oil, hazelnut oil or lard, sour grape juice, snail mucin, propolis, hypericum oil or donkey milk. Our product containers have a technological design with dispensers that help to prevent oxidization and all risks of contamination of the product. They are made from recyclable plastic and so must be disposed of in the special plastic recycling bins. Our cosmetics are devised by Donatella Sandrelli in San Gimignano and formulated under the professional guidance of cosmetologist Roberto Bonfanti.

Methods and certifications Vicus Tuscus proposes organic cosmetics certified by I.M.C.* BIOAGRICERT and ICEA *(Mediterranean Institute of Certification)
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